LDK ツーリスト
タイトル|LDK ツーリスト

LDK Tourist
Title|LDK Tourist
Venue|Nankitsu Danchi Estate, Arts Maebashi
Organizer|Arts Maebashi
Photo|KIGURE Shinya

From 2016 in summer, Arts Maebashi and I are getting involved with people who living in Nankitsu Danchi district. Our activities were interviews to residents, workshops, support Xmas recreations, inviting to Arts Maebashi for gallery tour and workshop, and Artist-In-School program to public school near by. In the interview, an older woman who living in Danchi said, Filipino eats different foods with Japanese. So, we took a sniff their diner’s smell from air fan to verify  the evidences. I met a boy who never seen the sea. thus, travel-themed activities have been started. Recently activities are planed by participant's words and behaviors. *Danchi means public housing estate. Mainly residents are elderlies, low-income households, single-parent families, and immigrants from Asian countries. Nankitsu Danchi was built from the end of 1960s. I was living in there until 6 years-old.

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